Friday, January 13, 2017

Diet Verses Exercise

I always advise my clients to NOT start a strenuous new exercise regime at the same time they start Nutritional Cleansing.  Why you ask?  Because if you hit your body with too many changes all at once, it will rebel and hang onto every last calorie AND you will likely get burned out quickly.

Step 1 - get rid of the weight!  Get close to your weight goal and then start up your program to tone!  You did not gain the weight all at once, let your adjust to the changes so they will become permanent changes!!

Step 2 - Take a long look at your thinner body and evaluate the areas you want to work on.  Start slow.  I like to see my clients start on a treadmill walking.  Slowly increase the speed and incline.  You do not have to run but you should walk 5 out of 7 days.

Step 3 - Seek professional trainer help - especially if you are going to work with weights!

Reminder.  Whatever activities you are doing when you start Nutritional Cleansing - keep doing them.  Just like you cannot reward yourself with food, you also can not reward yourself with less activity!

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